The U.S.-Azerbaijan Business Linkages Facebook page is a USAID-sponsored platform dedicated to promoting trade and investment linkages between farmers, agribusinesses, and agricultural supply and support businesses in these two countries. The page’s key focus is on identifying private sector actors in the U.S. and elsewhere interested in serving as buyers from, suppliers to, and investors in Azerbaijani agriculture and agribusinesses. We support U.S. firms to establish linkages with Azerbaijani firms in order to provide the country with innovative technologies and services to help modernize and advance Azerbaijan’s agribusiness capacity. Thanks to our extensive trade facilitation experience and presence in both the region and the U.S., we are well positioned to work closely with American businesses to prepare them for entry into the Azerbaijani market as suppliers or investors. We help to identify and address constraints to trade and investment deals, and offer technical assistance in areas such as finding and vetting qualified buyers, developing an export strategy, trade facilitation, customs, logistics, distribution, and international legal requirements and compliance.